Some of the Services Provided by an Oral Surgeon

Indeed, everyone has a number of dental issues in which to contend. Many are handled by a general dentist, which is someone who performs x-rays, fillings, cleanings, extractions and other standard work. However, there are instances where a specialist will need to take over a case. When this is necessary, a general dentist will make a referral. In some cases, a general dentist may work in the same practice with an oral surgeon or other specialists. However, often an oral surgeon works out of their own practice because they don’t just work with dental patients.

Extractions and Implants

Two common reasons to visit an oral surgeon include impacted tooth extractions and for tooth implants. Both of these procedures are surgical in nature and may require anesthesia depending on the position of the tooth and other factors.

While most dentists will do tooth extractions, many don’t work with impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth, for example, often require the help of an oral surgeon. Complicated implants might require reforming the gums to create a natural gumline, which is a service an oral surgeon also offers.

Reconstructive Surgery

When an accident occurs, or when someone has a cyst, lesion or other issues with their face, an oral surgeon can do reconstructive surgery. In some cases, a patient will see a dentist first to have their teeth fixed after an accident, and then they will be referred to an oral surgeon. In other cases, a doctor will provide a direct referral, especially if there’s concern about an open wound or exposure, such as loss of flesh around the jaw, mouth or nose.

Although reconstructive surgery is plastic surgery, it is usually provided its own category because reconstructive surgery is considered necessary while plastic surgery is elective. Still, an oral surgeon’s focus is on correcting issues with the face rather than procedures like eye lifts, face lifts and so on.

There are quite a few other procedures that an oral surgeon will be responsible for. They do jaw realignment, for example, as well as corrective surgery for sleep apnea. This broad range of services is why they aren’t exclusive to the dental industry when it comes to referrals and the type of patients they see. If you’re in the market for an oral surgeon, consider Capital Oral and Facial Surgery Center n Washington D.C. You can get a referral from your doctor or make your own appointment.